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Melody Lemond is a creative writer of magical fantasy novels and an innovative poet who works in the fascinating form of "shaped poetry". Melody was born in Sydney, Australia on October 2, 1950, into a large family - mostly of females. Her thirteen years spent in Catholic boarding schools are remembered as dark and stultifying, yet the clouds of suppression, repression and oppression gradually dissipated as she emerged into womanhood and emancipation during the 1970s.

Melody wasted no time making contacts with artists and sensitive people of like mind. During the earlier part of the 1970s, she took yoga, dance and drama workshops. Then, after buying a donkey named Abdul and sometimes riding it in whatever demonstrations might require her input at the time, she moved to the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales where she traveled the ‘bush’ regions with her sister, giving drama workshops for children in isolated towns - sometimes in local country halls and often outdoors, receiving some acclaim from local media.

It was after a brief, yet significant eye-to-eye encounter with an erect snake that Melody somehow knew that it was time to leave the bush for the city… and sold Abdul. This was a major decision, which required that she drop her well-laid plans of traveling around Australia with her sister (and donkey and cart) doing puppet shows.

In the mid-1970s, Melody was drawn to the world of theater in Sydney, specifically to the genius of influential director and mime artist Lindsay Kemp (British) and his band of fine performers, then touring Australia. For a year she traveled with his company – a magical year (understatement), which primed her well for the advent, the following year, of Marcel Marceau, with whom she formed a close bond. The beauty and power of this most significant relationship prompted Melody to enlist the aid of her guides to write a channeled book - entitled Scarlet Fan, utilizing the light of the then pervading inspiration. 
The compilations comprised much wisdom and guidance (mostly in prose), which Melody sought to follow while performing her solo performance, “Satin Dreamscapes”, a lyrical contemporary piece which played in the major cities in Australia as well as in U.S. for a brief season in 1980. On her return from U.S. Melody compiled her earlier channelings - held during the rise of the moon for a year after Marceau’s mid-seventies tour - into what was entitled: “Crystal Fragments”. During Marceau’s next tour to Australia in 1982, he corrected, at one of their meetings, the French conversations strewn throughout its pages. These limited edition ‘print-outs’ were distributed among friends.

During the early eighties, Melody, continuing her writing and reading, assisted unemployed artists of all mediums to access government grants for group projects as promised by the Prime Minister of the time - yet to little avail.

In 1984, Melody gave birth to a son, now a scientist and avid surfer – and in 1987 to a daughter, now a trained and talented dancer and powerful choreographer. She is presently living in Byron Bay, close to the sea and to like-minded people. As with her now grown children, she is riding the waves with anticipation and readiness.

In 2014 she was inspired to publish the long dormant Scarlet Fan manuscript in book form, and collaborated with artist Gaily Russel to develop mystical illustrations to accompany the text.

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Welcome to the Magical Creative World of Melody Lemond.

A Shining Work of Mystical Fiction

Melody Lemond is the author of original mystical, magical, works of narrative fiction which are inspirational, in a classic / romantic genre, infused with epic, allegorical fantasy.. simple & short yet with a light veil of symbolism... Welcome to "Scarlet Fan" an emotional journey through the magic of time.

Intriguing Shaped Poetry

Melody Lemond has also published highly original works of "shaped poetry", that combine mystical insight with elegant sculptured typography, to create a unique, elegant visual and poetic experience. The "Seamoon" series is contemporary poetry at it's best, moving and intriguing, masterful and fresh.

Inspired and elevating

Melody Lemond's works of poetry and fiction offer an elevating & positive experience that is widely appealing to both genders, and vitally relevant to our contemporary world, with a universally immersive central theme of hope & inspiration.

A Shadow World of Feeling and Magic

Enter a magical world of feeling and symbolism, layered with esoteric mysticism... a spirit world where nothing is mere coincidence and the ebb and flow of electric meaning swells with musical power to transport the reader to another plane of insight and understanding.

A Glimpse of the images from 'Scarlet Fan'

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